HVCC supports Alteration of SRA Boundary away from Hwy 247, May 3, 2016
Common sense and research clearly demonstrated when the SRA Fire “Fee” was imposed in 2011 that there is no difference between wildfire hazards on either side of the road; nothing found recently contradicts that.

HVCC objects to the Verizon tower near Aberdeen Rd. and Hwy 247, May 2, 2016
Hwy 247 is a County Scenic Byway. HVCC has worked since 2009 to have it designated as a California Scenic Highway. This tower would stand in one of the most scenic areas in the entire scenic corridor.

Letter to CPUC in opposition of Coolwater Lugo Transmission Project, May 19 2014
HVCC has been on record for many years opposing the siting of industrial-scale renewable energy
projects and transmission lines in the desert. We strongly advocate the encouragement of rooftop and parking lot solar installations at the point of use in the already-built environment.

Draft letter you can sign and send to Supervisor Ramos expressing your opposition to San Bernardino County's hauled water restrictions for property development  February 26, 2014
HVCC opposes county Environmental Health Service policy to deny building permits to property owners that rely on hauled water for various reasons.

RESOLUTION by the Homestead Valley Community Council Opposing Lifting of the San Bernardino County Solar Moratorium  Oct 21, 2013 
HVCC supports keeping the solar moratorium in place while the appropriate process of a General Plan amendment to accommodate solar applications is completed.

etter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Congressman Buck McKeon outlining HVCC opposition to any military/public shared use of Johnson Valley OHV Area    July 25, 2012
HVCC has written to our nation's Defense Secretary and to Congress defining our position on the proposed Marine Base expansion into the Johnson Valley OHV area and talks of a shared use compromise.

Letter to Element Power warning of strong opposition to their Pipes Canyon Wind Farm Proposal June 14, 2012
HVCC has responded to Element Power with a strongly worded letter warning them not to pursue their misguided proposal to install massive windmills on the buttes in Pipes Canyon.

Letter to US Fish & Wildlife Service adamantly opposing new proposal to modify eagle take permits from the current 5 year tenure to 30 years, May 9, 2012
In an effort to assist Big Industrial Wind projects in getting the permits needed to build their massive projects on public lands and open spaces, US FWS is proposing a change to the American Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act to allow for eagle take permits lasting up to 30 years.

Letter to State Water Resources Control Board opposing newly proposed septic system tank use restrictions, May 1, 2012
The State Water Resources Control Board will consider new restrictions on the use of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS), or septic systems. Current state law allows for dwellings with a septic system on .5 acre minimum. The new proposal would restrict septic system use to a minimum 2.5 acres, making it impossible for property owners of less than 2.5 acres to develop their property.


HVCC adamantly opposes the Element Power windmill proposal that would site windmills on Flat Top Mesa and Black Lava Butte in Pipes Canyon. HVCC supports Save Our Desert SOD and their efforts to stop this misguided application. 

Letter to Supervisor Neil Derry supporting his opposition to ABX1 29 Fire Tax, July 26, 2011
HVCC opposes the unfair and unconstitutional CA ABX1 29, which will tax many Homestead Valley residents up to $150 a year for being in the "State Responsibility Area" for fire protection. We support Supervisor Neil Derry in his efforts to stop this tax. We also sent a request letter to each of the other four supervisors asking them to oppose this misguided bill.

HVCC position letter to lawmakers regarding Renewable Energy projects on Public Lands
July 18, 2011

HVCC opposes all large scale solar, wind, and transmission projects in our open spaces and instead supports renewable energy installed in the already built environment like rooftops and parking lots.

HVCC letter endorsing Third District redistricting to include Lucerne Valley July 18 2011
San Bernardino County Third District will gain in the 2011 redistricting. HVCC supports bringing Lucerne Valley into Third District as part of that redistricting.

Comments to the Marine Base Expansion Proposal Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
May 26, 2011

HVCC opposes the 29 Palms Marine Base expansion proposal into the Johnson Valley OHV area. The DEIS is extremely deficient in adequately addressing impacts on the Homestead Valley communities.

Letter of support to Supervisor Neil Derry for removing the Staging Permit language in OHV Ordinance 3973 - February 14, 2010
HVCC supports Ordinance 3973, but finds the controversial Staging Permit section to be an assault on private property rights. Supervisor Neil Derry has expressed concerns over this section and a desire to revisit it.

Letter to Supervisor Neil Derry regarding public opinion on hauled water properties
After learning of property owners being denied building permits by the Environmental Health Services simply because their preferred water source is legally certified and licensed hauled water, HVCC felt this County policy needed to be reconsidered. This is the letter we sent to our Supervisor Neil Derry. We are working hard on this issue, along with The Lucerne Valley Economic Development Association. HVCC feels this policy is misguided and discriminatory.

Letter to Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency strongly opposing their changing of Veteran's Day observance from Nov 11 to Nov 13
On September 22, 2009, HVCC sent a letter to BDVWA chastising them for their misguided decision to change the observance of one of our most important national holidays. Four BDVWA directors voted on Sep 16, 2009 to shift their observance of Veterans Day to Friday Nov 13th, for a 3 day weekend. Veterans everywhere were outraged.

HVCC Comments to the Yucca Valley Municipal Service Review/Sphere of Influence Amendment

The Homestead Valley Community Council sent these comments to LAFCO on July 23, 2009, strongly opposing the Sphere of Influence proposal by Yucca Valley. Here we make the case that Yucca mesa is a unique community that should not be incorporated into the Town of Yucca Valley.

Letter of support for Supervisor Neil Derry's county ethics commission proposal
On July 20, 2009, HVCC approved a letter to be sent to other San Bernardino County supervisors, asking them to join  Supervisor Derry and establish an ethics commission to oversea the conduct of county officials. HVCC also urged the other supervisors to back Neil Derry's proposal for a "Sunshine Ordinance", which makes records more accessible.

Resolution strongly opposing Yucca Valley's SOI application over Yucca Mesa
On July 20, 2009, HVCC unanimously approved a strongly worded resolution in opposition to the proposed sphere of influence over Yucca Mesa by the Town of Yucca Valley. It was sent to the Town of Yucca Valley and to LAFCO

Letter to Supervisor Neil Derry opposing Yucca Valley's SOI application over Yucca Mesa
On March 30, 2009, the Town of Yucca Valley submitted an application to LAFCO for Sphere of Influence over Yucca Mesa. HVCC wrote a letter to our SB County Supervisor Neil Derry on May 18, 2009, asking him to help us oppose this "very misguided and extremely unpopular SOI proposal".

Letter to LAFCO Commissioners opposing Yucca Valley's SOI application over Yucca Mesa
On May 18, 2009, HVCC sent a letter to all the LAFCO commissioners expressing our disapproval over the Yucca Valley application for Sphere of Influence over Yucca Mesa. These commissioners make the final decision.

Letter to Supervisor Neil Derry supporting AB811 loans in SB County
HVCC is a strong advocate for locally generated renewable energy. We believe this is best achieved by providing loans to Homestead Valley residents for rooftop solar installations. This improves property values, creates local jobs, and will provide income when utilities are required to buy back our surplus generation. NO to Green Path North and Big Solar farms - YES to home and business rooftop solar!   

Letter to SB County Land Use Services Department opposing new commercial zoning
A proposal to commercialize a vast section of Hwy 247 through Flamingo Heights into Landers has been submitted to the county. HVCC is concerned that if approved, it will change the rural character of the valley, especially since some of the parcels are 40 + acres.

HVCC resolution opposing the Marine Corps Base expansion proposal
The MCAGCC Marine Corps Base in 29 Palms is proposing a massive expansion plan into the surrounding communities. This resolution was unanimously passed on January 28, 2009 opposing any expansion of the base.

HVCC resolution opposing Green Path North
On August 18, 2008 the Homestead Valley Community Council unanimously approved a strongly worded resolution opposing the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's Green Path North Transmission Line proposal. 
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