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Flamingo Heights Community Center is also the Homestead Valley
Disaster Center. We are fully equipped with medical supplies and
equipment, bedding, cots, battery operated radio, flash lights, short
wave, water and have a disaster team ready to help in any emergency.
We were organized to keep Yucca Valley from taking our water. We
bought and installed wooden street signs as well as naming them,
graded the roads and then petitioned the U.S. Post Office to deliver mail
to most of our homes. The signs were also for emergency services.
Feeling the need for community organization, the homesteaders banded together over 50 years ago and started what
became the Johnson Valley Improvement Association. They bought property on the old road for a Community
Center. The original simple structure has been remodeled through the generations to achieve its present size, largely
by volunteers of JVIA.

JVIA owns and operates the Johnson Valley Community Center.
The Official website for Johnson Valley is www.johnsonvalley.com. The site contains a community bulletin board,
calendar of events held at the JVIA center, and their weekly "Neighborhood News".

Proceeds from the Saturday Breakfast, cooked and served by volunteers of JVIA, maintains the Center as an
educational, social and emergency hub for this entire scattered and isolated community.
Landers is the “anchor” community in the Homestead Valley. 
The Landers Association is a very active organization with
facilities for banquets and parties.

Landers Association is the site for the Food Distribution each
month  held on the 3rd Monday of each month from 8:30am until
10:30am.  The Landers Association also holds weekly events,
such as the Quilters Club-every Tuesday-10am to 2pm, the Card
Club-every Wednesday-1pm to 4pm and the Garden Club-last
Saturday of the month-2pm to 4pm.  The Landers Association
has a Walker’s Club that everyone is invited to walk among
members and friends on Monday, Wednesday and
The Yucca Mesa Improvement Association was founded in
1961. The association was formed as a means to help improve
the Yucca Mesa area. The association is represented by a
Membership Board of Directors voted into office by the
members of the Association. The Yucca Mesa Community
Center located at 3133 Balsa Ave. was built by and is owned
by the members of the YMIA. The Community Center is also
used by the Morongo Basin Horsemen's Association. The
community center is available for use by its members for
events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, family
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We are presently the local poling place, have three members doing Cal-Trans hghway clean up, have an off highway
desert clean up team, and we take an active part in commuity affairs. Our website is www.flamingohts.com.
Homesteaders in the 1950s took advantage of the opening of public
lands for 5-acre parcels and settled one of the last of the pioneer areas
of California. They arrived in Johnson Valley on the meandering dirt
road that later became Hwy. 247. They were largely vacationers and
weekenders getting away from the pressures of the city. Some loved it
so much they became full time residents. After the homestead
movement ended, the establishment of the nearby Johnson Valley Off
Highway Vehicle recreation area, the largest in the country, attracted
even more weekenders. The attitudes in Johnson Valley still reflect a
unique self-reliant get-away-from-it-all urge.
reunions. The community center has also been used as a polling place for the citizens of the Mesa. One of the tasks
that the YMIA undertakes each year is that of raising funds to be used for a scholarship for a graduating high
school student from the Yucca Mesa area.  The YMIA represents its members on county issues through its
partnership with the HVCC. The YMIA holds its board meetings on the 2nd Friday of each month which members
of the Association are encouraged to attend and on the 4th Friday most months hosts a potluck for residents of the
area as way for neighbors to renew their friendships. Our website can be found at www.yuccamesa.org.
Friday starting at 7am and ending with coffee and afterwards.  We have a thriving Thrift Store with many interesting
items to sell with the hours of 9am to 4pm-Tuesday to Saturday.
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