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Party pours on fine wine, swooning tuning
Hi Desert Star 10/20/2010
The Homestead Valley Community Council' s wine and cheese party Saturday evening should have been called a wine and feast party. Fine wines from Proudfoot Vineyards were served by Jim Harvey and Catherine Janowicz, and the food was the usual vast and satisfying spread the council hosts every month.

Homestead council protests Chevron solar field

Hi Desert Star 8/14/2010
The members of the Homestead Valley Community Council approved a resolution
that was sent to the Bureau of Land Management this week in protest of a Chevron Energy Solutions proposal to build solar-energy fields on 516 acres here.

Homestead Valley Community Council opposes huge nearby solar energy project
(MP3 audio)  Z107.7  9/09/2010  (for a PDF version click here)
Homestead Valley Community Council, who represents, the areas of Flamingo Heights, Landers, Johnson Valley, and Yucca Mesa, have filed a formal resolution objecting to a proposed huge nearby solar energy field.

Deployed marines open Basin's boxes
Hi Desert Star 8/14/2010
HOMESTEAD VALLEY - A unit of Marines deployed in Afghanistan got gifts from a desert halfway around the world when packages from the Morongo Basin arrived at their base Wednesday.

Homestead Valley care packages arrive in Afghanistan
(MP3 audio)
Z107.7  8/12/2010 (PDF click here)
After a great effort from the Homestead Valley Community Council, care packages have arrived in Afghanistan for our local marines and sailors.

To Afghanistan with love, Locals box gifts for watchdogs
Hi Desert Star 7/28/2010
YUCCA MESA - In just a month’s time, the Homestead Valley Community Council
raised $2,400 to sponsor a U.S. Marine outfit in Afghanistan.

Homestead Valley Community Council
prepares packages for Marines
(MP3 audio)
Z107.7  7/27/10  (PDF click here)
At the Yucca Mesa Community Center yesterday the next stage in delivering vital supplies of comfort to our serving Marines came together.

Homestead Valley group supporting deployed marines
(MP3 audio)
Z107.7  7/14/10   (PDF click here)
The Homestead Valley Community Council is supporting one of the units from the Twentynine Palms Marine Base deployed in Afghanistan. Managing Editor Karl Gardner tells you how to help.

Supervisor, residents run poker wild in Johnson Valley

Hi Desert Star 5/1/2010
County 3rd District Supervisor Neil Derry and his Field Representative Alan Rasmussen, played along throughout the day, meeting and visiting with constituents at each stop along the way."

Reporter Jutta Biggerstaff

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