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Film examines drawbacks of windmills  Lucerne Valley Leader 3/23/2010
"Harvey spoke about AB 811, a state law that makes it easier for homeowners to get low-interest loans for rooftop solar installation. The funding for this program comes from municipal bonds sold by local governments, Harvey said. He’s hopeful San Bernardino County will enact an AB 811 program."

The Question My Friend, is Spinning In The Wind 
Desert Valley Star 3/25/2010
"Harvey gave carefully researched alternatives to turbines with stats about rooftop solar panels and Assembly Bill 811."

HVCC Honcho Walks the Talk 
Desert Valley Star 2/11/2010
"Having been very impressed by attending the CALAWARE Govt. Workshop (explaining how the Brown Act can empower the public to keep local governments honest), organized by the Homestead Valley Community Council in Yucca Valley, January 27, I decided to interview the President of the HVCC - Jim Harvey."

Citizens join officials at transparency workshops 
Hi Desert Star 2/3/2010
The Homestead Valley Community Council provided a free open Government workshop for all to attend. CalAware's Terry Francke was our guest presenter. Supervisor Neil Derry updated everyone on his efforts for open government.
Reporter Jutta Biggerstaff

Homestead pleased at workshop reception
Hi Desert Star 1/30/2010
HVCC's Open Government workshop event is summed up in Betty Munson's Neighborhood News.

Toys for TLC pile up at Homestead council party Hi Desert Star 12/23/2009
Our Christmas Party/Toy Drive was a big success, collecting over 100 toys for Tender Loving Christmas. Supervisor Neil Derry added festivity by singing some holiday favorites. Hope to see everyone at the 2010 Party!

Council halts annexation bid Hi Desert Star 09/02/2009
“We believe that putting Yucca Mesa into the Town of Yucca Valley’s designated
sphere of influence would have a far-reaching detrimental effect on the collective
interests of the four HVCC communities, and on the established effectiveness and
cohesiveness of the council that represents them,” said Harvey.

Homestead Valley votes to oppose mesa annexation Hi Desert Star 07/25/2009
HVCC adamantly opposes the Yucca Valley sphere of influence proposal for Yucca Mesa, as our strongly worded resolution clearly states. For more on the HVCC's fight to keep Yucca Mesa out of Yucca valley's sphere of influence, click here >>>

Supervisor meets with Homestead delegates Hi Desert Star 08/01/2009
Third district supervisor Neil Derry and HVCC have lunch and discuss Homestead Valley issues. HVCC is the recognized representative advisory body for the communities of Yucca Mesa, Flamingo Heights, Landers, and Johnson Valley.

Town Council may rethink annexation
Hi Desert Star 07/15/2009
Yucca Mesa Improvement Association president Ed Cronin, left, welcomes Jim Harvey, president of the Homestead Valley Community Council, to the YMIA’s Friday meeting.

Harvey elected Homestead president
Hi Desert Star 06/24/2009
Homestead Valley Community Council elected Jim Harvey as president, Mike Mcgrath vice president, Betty Munson secretary, and Earlene McCloskey trasurer this month.
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HVCC fights to keep large solar out of residential areas!

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