Yucca Mesa, the SOI Application,
and HVCC's opposition
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The September 17, 2008 Homestead Valley Community Council meeting
brought quite a surprise. Our delegates from the community of Yucca
Mesa informed the rest of council that the Town of Yucca Valley was
planning to proceed with an application to force Yucca Mesa into their
sphere of influence. This is the first step towards annexation, essentially
taking Yucca Mesa away from the Homestead Valley community.

Yucca Mesa delegates also revealed they discovered the town had been
planning this SOI process since early 2007. Yucca Mesa officials never
contacted or consulted with the Yucca Mesa Improvement Association,
or the Homestead Valley Community Council. Verification of Yucca
Valley's intent came in a September 27th Hi-Desert Star article titled
Yucca Valley takes step toward annexing mesa

As expected. Yucca Valley filed their application for an amendment to their sphere of influence to LAFCO on March 30,
2009. This officially began the SOI process. LAFCO is the Local Agency Formation Commission, and is tasked to
review and decide issues like town and local district jurisdictions, annexations, and spheres of influence. 

The Homestead Valley Community Council adamantly opposes an amendment to the Town of Yucca Valley's sphere
of influence that includes any Homestead Valley community. Since the filing of the application by the Town of Yucca
Valley, Yucca Mesa Improvement Association delegates directed HVCC to take the following actions:

Letter to LAFCO  commissioners opposing the SOI application

Letter to Supervisor Neil Derry asking for support in our opposition to the SOI application

Resolution opposing the SOI application

Comments to LAFCO on the Yucca Valley Municipal Service Review SOI amendment

Additionally, at our July 20th regular monthly meeting, the HVCC delegates approved funds for a bus to bring Yucca
Mesa residents to the LAFCO review hearing where this issue will be decided. Because there is no resident voting
process for a sphere of influence review, the best way to convince the commissioners not to approve this application
is to show up to the hearing in numbers.
Update September 1, 2009
Yucca Valley Withdraws Sphere of Influence Application!
In a 4-0 vote , the Yucca Valley Town Council withdrew from its LAFCO application to make the Homestead Valley community of Yucca Mesa part of their sphere of influence. HVCC is very pleased with the Town's decision.

To read the Hi-Desert report "Council haults annexation bid" by Rebecca Unger, click here >>>
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Update February 17th, 2010
Yucca Mesa will remain out of the Town's SOI. Congratulations Yucca Mesa!!!!!!